Kyocera Colour Printers and Multi-functional Devices

Kyocera colour printers are designed for workgroups that demand professional, office colour printing solutions. Built with Kyocera’s exceptionally reliable long-life components, these compact printers will not only save downtime, they’ll save office space as well.

Colour MFPs with colour copy, print and scan capabilities combined with advanced paper handling and finishing options are capable of fulfilling the colour document production needs of businesses. Kyocera’s comprehensive line of colour multi-functional products (MFPs) has won numerous industry awards for reliability and productivity. These devices improve the workflow and efficiency of any size business.

Kyocera Colour Printers Range

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Why buy kyocera printers

Why buy Kyocera printers? – Because every customer’s document management requirements are unique and possess their own different challenges that need solving. KYOCERA strive to provide every customer with new value that brings satisfaction.

Three reasons to buy Kyocera printers

  1. Long Life Technology: Ordinary printers require that the drum or other developing components be changed after several thousands or tens of thousands of prints. Changing these components produces large amounts of waste, which is not only uneconomical but also places a burden on the environment. Kyocera solves such problems by incorporating long-life technology into it’s products to ensure that printer and multifunctional product components can be used for a long time.
  2. The ECOSYS Concept: Companies struggle to balance ecological concerns while trying to minimize running costs so as to guarantee economic viability, all the while ensuring that their document management system offers adequate network functionality. The solution to these issues is KYOCERAs’ unique ECOSYS concept. Their products are economic to run by utilising durable materials that do not require frequent replacement when manufacturing main units and replaceable parts.
  3. Business applications: KYOCERA provides a wide range of business applications to meet the unique needs of each and every customer. They supply applications tailored to your document management environment, such as providing document capture applications for companies that need to manage vast quantities of documents, or applications that make it possible to link with external environments like mobile devices or the cloud.

Ecosys – Kyocera Colour Laser Printers

Kyocera colour laser printers

Ecosys technology is utilised in a range of Kyocera Colour Laser Printers. Because they understand the increasing importance of colour in business communications, Kyocera has developed a range of colour products. These Colour Ecosys Printers produce brilliant colour with all the benefits of our ECOSYS technology. Colour MFPs with colour copy, print and scan capabilities combined with advanced paper handling and finishing options are capable of fulfilling the colour document production needs of both large and small businesses.

The ECOSYS range of Kyocera Colour Multifunctional devices provide unbelievably low running costs, and lower purchasing costs. They’re smaller compact devices that are easy device set up and have flexible maintenance options.

document management

Document management solutions

CDM can provide businesses with ‘on-demand’ access of documents at their Multi-Functional Printer/ Device, by utlising Kyocera’s Document box. This feature allows users to scan-to, and print from, the hard drive of your MFD. CDM can make these Document management solutions scalable and flexible for your business, so to deliver such a solution that fits your company’s current requirements, and an upgrade path for your growing requirements as your business expands.

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