Kyocera Printers Perth’s Recommendation

Kyocera TASKalfa 4551ci Colour Multifunction photocopier Perth

“45 Mono / Colour cpm SME / Departmental level A4/A3 copier with standard duplex, print, scanning and optional fax. Large 8.5” colour touch screen, RAM and HDD. Large range of paper feed and finishing options. Something for a heavier monthly volume. ”

Kyocera TASKalfa 4551ci Product Details

The Kyocera TASKalfa 4551ci redefines Colour Multifunction Systems by delivering the power, superior image quality, flexibility and ultra-reliability that businesses demand, all with a bold and innovative new design. With fast output speeds of 45ppm in both colour and monochrome, and innovative scanning and sending features to boost workplace productivity, the TASKalfa 4551ci will become a critical component of your document workflow. All of this combined with Kyocera’s unique long-life technology, proven colour technology and consistent image quality, ensures that the TASKalfa 4551ci Colour Multifunction System will provide you with superior document handling the first time, every time.

  • Professional 7-bin Mailbox
  • Robust 4,000 Sheet Finisher
  • On Board Document Storage
  • Professional Booklet Folding
  • Fast Dual Scan Document Processor
  • Wide 8.5” Colour Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Advanced USB Host Interface
  • Versatile Multi-Purpose Tray
  • Flexible Paper Handling
  • AirPrint™ Ready

Every business needs a printer, but smart businesses don’t need to overcapitalize on a device that will become outdated thanks to Kyocera, the specialists in printer lease in Perth.

We all know how essential a printer is, and anything less than quality will undersell your business.  Printed materials are often the first introduction clients have with your business, and it’s certainly an ongoing form of communication you want to get right.  Now your business can afford the best without breaking your budget thanks to the Perth printer lease options available.

So Why Take Out a Printer Lease in Perth?

Perth Printer LeaseEvery business wants to stay on top of their game, and wants to put their best foot forward.  The problem with technology is that it dates and gets superseded.  The moment you buy it, you know that you have the absolute best on offer, but you know it’s not going to stay that way.  That is why printer lease in Perth is the option that will keep you on top of your game when it comes to your printing needs.

The beauty about printer lease is that you sign the lease for a set period of time.  One year, two years, you decide on the option that best works for your business.  Most businesses can project their activity for the short term, and can set their budget accordingly.  Why go beyond these future projections when you don’t have to?  With a Kyocera Perth printer lease, you don’t have to.  Work with their team to find the terms that best work for you and your business.  This gives you the security of knowing exactly what you’ve signed up for, and predetermining your commitment.  At the end of the lease, you have the choice of simply walking away, or renegotiating a new lease on new terms that fit the current position of your business.

Printer Lease Provides Cutting Edge Technology That Stays That Way

If you invest in a piece of technology, you know it’s only going to remain cutting edge for a certain period of time.  If you know this, why would you commit yourself to that piece of technology for the period when it is no longer at the top of its game?  It’s common sense really.  If you don’t have to, why would you?  Perth printer lease specialists Kyocera mean you only have to commit to the latest printer technology whilst it remains the latest in printer technology.

One of the great benefits of printer lease in Perth is that it allows you to afford the technology that works for your business.  When taking out an initial printer lease, the Kyocera experts will work with you to make sure you get the latest model that is best for you.  They’ll get to know you and your business, and they’ll make sure they know your printing needs.  With this knowledge, they will be able to direct you to the perfect printer.  Once you’re happy with the make and model, then you have printer lease options, and you can choose the one that is perfect for you.

Once you’ve signed the lease, you know you have the latest in technology, with the security of knowing exactly what your commitment it.  This also affords you the security of knowing that at the end of the lease, you can easily update your printer to the latest model, with all the technology that will keep you ahead of your competition.  Perth printer lease really does keep you at the cutting edge.

Printer Lease Means The Onus On Upkeep Rests With The Owner

We all know how much a business can be slowed down when technology crashes.  Unless you’re in the printer business, the chances are there’s nobody in your office who knows how to maintain and service your printer.  That increases your chances of something going wrong.  Another added security in opting for a Perth printer lease is that the responsibility for keeping your device operational doesn’t rest with your office, it’s the responsibility of the people who own it.  When you take out a Perth printer lease with Kyocera, you know that the owners are specialists in your printer, and they have the mechanical team to keep it in prime working order.

The Kyocera Perth printer lease team will be there to support you from the very start of your option.  They will install the device, ensure it’s in full working order, and train your team on how to use it.  Getting things right from the start is the key, keeping them right is the added bonus of a printer lease.  Kyocera will monitor your device, making sure it gets regularly serviced when it needs it.  They won’t just wait until something goes wrong, they want to keep their device at the top of its game and in full working order.  Remember, they own the device, so the better it operates, the better it is for them.

Printer Lease Means Hassle Free Printing

Thanks to printer lease in Perth, gone are the days when you’d buy your device and wave goodbye to the people who sold it to you.  Gone are the days when your printer goes down and you might see a repairman in a couple of days time, if you’re lucky.  Gone are the days of your business grinding to a halt whilst you wait for a printer part.

The Kyocera Perth printer lease team has a vested interest in your business.  You’ve taken a lease out to have their device operating in your space, and they want to keep it operating as smoothly as possible.  You’re on a fixed term lease, and you can make a clean break and walk away at the end of it.  You don’t have to renew your lease, but the Kyocera team will work hard to make you want to choose them for your future printer lease needs.  They’ll do this by making sure your printer needs are met, and you can focus on doing what your business does best.

Perth Printer Lease Is The Best For Your Business

There is enough stress in running your own business without sweating the small stuff.  Whilst having a top quality printer is essential to every successful business, the Kyocera Perth printer lease team will ensure that your printing needs remain in the ‘small stuff’ category.  They will come up with a lease plan that works for your budget, provide the absolute latest in printer technology, and ensure it operates optimally at all times.  Your printer should be a device that reliably runs in the background, without you having to spend valuable time and effort thinking about it.  The Kyocera Perth printer lease team will make sure that’s always the case, and they’ll guarantee that in print.

A quality printer is a significant investment in your business, but you don’t have to pay a significant initial outlay when printer hire is an option.  You might hear arguments for purchase over hire.  What it all comes down to is how to get the best printer at the best value.  It is however a bit more complicated than that.  Quality printing is an asset to your business, so it’s worth getting the decision right.  With the help of Kyocera, the specialists in Perth printer hire, we are going to outline 5 reasons why you should take the printer hire option.

Printer Hire – It’s Like Taking It On A Test Drive

Printer Hire In Perth

When you buy a car you want to make sure you get what you want, so you take it on a test drive to make sure it’s just right for you.  Why not treat your printer in the same way?  Kyocera are experts in Perth printer hire, so think of them as being like you’re like your specialist car dealership, but for printers.  They’ll listen to how you drive your business, and your printing needs, then fix you up with the right make and model.  They’re not about selling you a 4WD when you never go off-road, they want to meet your needs perfectly, and they want to do that the first time.  That’s because printer hire in Perth affords you the right to return or exchange the model if it isn’t the right fit for your business.  The Kyocera team will deliver, install and train your staff on how to drive it, and how get the best out of it.  Test-drive it under real working conditions for a month or two, and if it’s not the right fit, you can return or exchange it.  It really is that simple.  As Perth printer hire specialists, it’s in Kyocera’s interests to match you up to the right printer first time.

Perth Printer Hire Specialists Become Your Pit Crew

Ok, who in your office knows how to keep a printer running smoothly?  Sure, they can operate the device, but can they keep it operating, or get it back on the road should something happen?  The answer is most likely no, which is why you want a specialist Perth printer hire team on standby.  Think of the Kyocera team as your pit crew, and they really are there for you.  They are a finely tuned team of mechanics, and they have specialised knowledge in your device.  Just like a pit crew, they’re ready to pounce into action to prevent stalling and keep any disruptions to an absolute minimum.  This is another area where printer hire in Perth gives you an advantage over purchase.  Once you purchase a device, the dealer already has your money, and you’re at risk of waving after sales service goodbye.  With printer hire, your new pit crew has a vested interest in keeping you on track.  They will monitor and provide regular servicing, and ensure you don’t lose traction on your competitors.

Printer Hire – You Can Afford To Drive The Latest Model

When it comes to technology, we all want to drive the latest model, and we want the version that works best and operates as simply as possible.  Technology moves at a cracking pace, and you can exhaust yourself trying to keep up with it.  Or, when it comes to Perth printer hire, you can relax and let the experts keep you at the forefront of the game.  Take Kyocera for example, they are leaders in printer technology, and always have the latest models available for printer hire.  If there’s something that will suit your business better, they can get it to you straight up.  Or if your printing needs change, liaise with the team at the cutting edge of printer hire in Perth, and they’ll put you in the driver’s seat of the latest model.

You Can Apply The Brakes Whenever You Want With Printer Hire

When you purchase a printer, it’s yours.  That means it’s your responsibility to keep it running, the costs are yours, and it’s yours to see right through to redundancy.  You’re locked into that device, and everything that comes with it.  When you take up a Perth printer hire option, it comes with no lock-in contracts, so you decide when you want to bring things to a halt.  That gives you the flexibility every business wants.  There are so many variables in the business world, so printer hire is a simple way of keeping control over one of your essential office items and the costs associated with it.  If there’s an upturn, downturn, or your printer needs simply change, you have the luxury to apply the brakes.  Printer hire in Perth means there’s no having to hold onto equipment that slows your business down, or is a drain on your finances.  You can put your foot on the brake when you want, and you can decide if and when you want to take it off again.  It really is that simple.

Perth Printer Hire – We’re On Board For The Entire Road Trip

Road trips can be long or short, and cover all sorts of terrain.  What you don’t want to happen on a road trip is to find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no support.  When you opt for printer hire in Perth, you will never be left stranded.  When you purchase a printer, that’s a short-term relationship.  We’ll stay in the relationship for as long as you want it to continue, and we’ll do all we can to ensure it travels as comfortably and safely as possible.  You’re behind the wheel steering where it goes, but the Kyocera Perth printer hire team has the insight and expert knowledge to navigate you to where you want to go.  We really do have a vested interest in the success of your business.

There you have it, 5 very good reasons why printer hire is the best option for business.  Perth printer hire affords you flexibility in costs and printer options.  It provides you with the security of technological support, and an ongoing relationship with the team who own the device.  Printer hire really does give you the option to get the printer that works best for your business, and to keep things working on your terms.  Speak to Kyocera, the expert in Perth printer hire, to find the best printer to drive your business further.

A printer is an essential office tool, but not every business knows the business of printers, so leave that task to Kyocera, the experts in Perth printer rentals. When it comes to printer rentals in Perth, they have the latest technology to keep any business running smoothly. Just as importantly, they know how to work out the best business plan to keep your budget balanced. So lets look at the ledger and see why printer rentals are the best option for your business.

Tomorrow’s Technology Today, and Perth Printer Rentals Keep It That Way.

When it comes to printing, you want the best for your business. Nothing looks more unprofessional than presenting bad copy, and with Perth printer rentals that will never be the case. The most up-to-date technology is there for you to choose from, but Kyocera will have the perfect fit for your business. That’s the first part of the equation, making sure your printing needs are perfectly met. Don’t take a short cut with technology, it will show up your business, and you don’t need to with the best printer rentals in Perth readily available.

The Best Bang for Your Buck – Printer Rentals versus Purchase.

Printer Rentals Perth

Once you’ve found the best printer for your business, the next option to consider is whether to rent or buy. Let’s face it, a quality printer is not an inexpensive item, it’s a significant outlay. Instead you could let the experts at Perth printer rentals take that financial burden from your business.

Running a profitable business is all about the bottom line, and you can bank on Kyocera and a rental plan that will work for you. You’ll have an affordable, predetermined amount that you can budget in to your business’s forward planning. There won’t be any surprises, and you won’t get caught out. The best part is, by engaging the experts in Perth printer rentals, it’s totally flexible and comes with the best technology.

That’s right, by choosing to deal with the best printer rentals Perth has to offer, your business has the option to call the shots. We all know that business needs change, and you want your business to be able to adapt, and to be able to do so at a moment’s notice if need be. That is the beauty right there in choosing to go with printer rentals over purchase. If your business changes, along with your printing needs, you can cancel your current rental agreement without any hassle. Then there’s always the option of negotiating to make sure you have the best printer rentals plan to suit the new needs of your business.

You might simply want to update to the latest technology, and that’s just what you can get with Kyocera, the best Perth printer rentals supplier. It’s all there for you, and you’re not locked into any long-term contract. You really can get tomorrow’s technology today, without the hassle, and without the expense. Printer rentals really do afford your business the opportunity to be at your best, and to stay there.

Perth Printer Rentals Mean Technology is There for the Taking.

It’s amazing what you can do on a printer nowadays. In-house printing has saved many a business time and money, and the technology available can give your business a totally professional look. So if a new piece of printing technology becomes available, there are no messy contracts to be seen out or broken, it really is there for the taking. Printer rentals are penalty free.

You can give your business an edge with the latest technology, and Perth printer rentals means any member of your staff can make you look professional. Kyocera are the experts in the latest printer releases, and it’s their business to know what they can do for your business. When you decide on a printer rentals plan with Kyocera Printers Perth, they share their knowledge so it becomes your knowledge. With printer technology becoming more efficient and easy to use, you’ll instantly have a printing expert in your office.

Printer Rentals Won’t Let a Paper Jam Grind Your Business to a Halt.

You don’t want to trust an expensive piece of technology to anyone but an expert, and when you engage Kyocera and the experts in Perth printer rentals, they become one of your team. Don’t worry, they won’t be taking up any of your valuable office space, but they will become a very valuable resource.

We all know that technology isn’t infallible, and that sometimes the solution requires more than just turning it off and on. That is when the Perth printer rentals specialist becomes your superhero. You see, when you take up a printer rentals option, the onus to keep the machine running as smoothly as possible rests with the company that owns it. You’re just renting the device, the Kyocera experts are there to keep their machinery in fine working order. They will tune it with regular servicing, and are there to trouble shoot if and when those occasions arise.

We’ve all experienced the case of calling a repairperson and them turning up two days later, but that’s never the case with Kyocera. You see, through your printer rentals agreement, you have a connection with this company. You are a very valued customer, and they want to keep it this way. You’re not calling someone who has no vested interest in your business. You’re not calling a random technician whom you may only have contact with once in a blue moon. You’re dealing with the company who owns your device, and a company that will bend over backwards to uphold their reputation as the best Perth printer rentals specialist. Prompt and professional service is part and parcel of Kyocera printer rentals, and you’ll never find your business in a jam.

Printer Rentals vs Printer Purchases – And The Winner Is…

Printer rentals wins hands down, and you can put that in print. Nobody in your office is an expert in printers, and they don’t need to be when you don’t own one. The onus to keep your printer working effectively and efficiently rests with its owner, and when you take up a printer rentals option, that owner has a vested interested in keeping you happy. When it comes to cost, there’s no significant purchase price for the device, and you’re not locked into any messy contracts. Take up a Kyocera Perth printer rentals option and you can stay on top of your game, employ the latest technology, update without hassle, and balance the budget every time.

Every business wants to give good copy, but what’s better for your business, copier rental or purchase?  An accountant might simply look at price, but value is something that is generally undervalued when simply looking at the numbers.  Here we’re going to look at the added value Perth copier rental can provide for your business.  Don’t worry, we know the bottom line always matters to a business, so we’ll take that into consideration when working out the best option for your business.

Perth Copier Rental – Lets Look At The Bottom Line

Copier Rental In Pert

So what do you get when you purchase a copier.  Well if you do things right, you get a brand new state-of-the-art copier.  That is what your business wants.  That copier also comes at a price… the full price for a copier.  That’s a significant capital outlay.  If you play your cards right, you might get installation and some training thrown in, and after sales service that only lasts as long as the warranty.  Congratulations, you’re the owner of a new copier, and you’ve paid full price for it.

Kyocera Perth copier rental on the other hand provides a very different option.  So what do you get with copier rental?  Well, you get the exact same brand new state-of-the-art copier you’d get if you purchased it.  What don’t you get?  You don’t get a bill for the full purchase price.  All you have to pay is what you’ve agreed to under the rental agreement.  You only have to pay that amount whilst that agreement works for you.  That’s right, there are no lock-in contracts that act like a ball and chain on your business.  Copier rental in Perth affords you the option of walking away whenever you want.  It really is that easy.

Copier Rental – Beyond The Bottom Line

Okay, we’ve looked at the bottom line when it comes to comparing Perth copier rental with purchase, but let’s look at the value you get from each option.

As outlined with purchase, you get the new copier you wanted at the full price, but that’s about all you get.  Because you’ve paid the full price and own the device, you’re going to want to get the absolute most out of that copier.  You’d better love that copier, because it’s going to be with you for many years to come.  Guess what, it’s not always going to look that shiny, and its technology is going to fade into obscurity.

When taking up a Kyocera Perth copier rental option, what do you get?  Well, you get the new copier you wanted, and you get to keep it for only as long as you want to keep it.  That’s right, it’s new now and suits your needs, but it won’t always stay that way.  So what you get is the option to make sure your copier stays new, and always meets your business’ needs no matter how much they change.  Copier rental gives you the ability to upgrade to the latest in copier technology, absolutely hassle-free.  The Kyocera Perth copier rental option comes out on top again.

Copier Rental – Did Someone Say Service?

Let’s compare the service you get with Perth copier rental compared with purchase.

You’ve purchased your full-priced copier, so what after-sales service can you expect?  The company already has your money, and they know you’re not going to be in the market for another copier for many years to come.  Where is the incentive for them to keep you onside?  There is the warranty, so they’ll meet those obligations (there’s no warranty with Perth copier rentals, because you don’t need one.  You don’t own anything, so you don’t need to take on all the obligations that come with ownership).  Once that warranty expires, the company’s obligations to you also end.  That’s when you need to take on responsibility for the device, arrange servicing and repairs, and pay for parts and all the associated costs of keeping it running.  As it ages, you can bet those costs will rise.

Kyocera Perth copier rental, on the other hand, provides a much less costly, obligation free scenario.  With copier rental, you don’t own anything, so maintaining the device doesn’t rest with you.  Maintenance is all part of the agreement.  The Kyocera team is there to keep your copier working at its optimum.  Don’t forget they own the device, so the incentive is there for them to go above and beyond to keep their copier at its best.  They won’t give you any reason to end your copier rental agreement.  The happier you are, the happier they are.

Copier Rental Comes With Specialised Knowledge

When you purchase a copier, you’re buying it from a business that’s in the business of selling copiers.  Sure, they might have a service team to help you for the short term, but it’s not their core business.  Chances are that the service team is just adequate enough to cater for the minimum of demands, and we all know what happens when a warranty expires.

The Kyocera Perth copier rental team, on the other hand, covers all bases.  Our core business is not only providing copiers, but servicing them.  This means our team is always up to speed with the latest techniques and knowledge to keep your copier firing on all cylinders.  Don’t forget, our Perth copier rental team members are the experts in Kyocera printers.  They know your printer like the back of their hand.  Their training keeps them at the cutting edge, and they have the parts to keep your Kyocera copying.  There’s no middlemen or outsourcing of servicing.  You’re guaranteed specialised and streamlined service with Kyocera, your one stop shop for copier rental in Perth.

Perth Copier Rental vs Copier Purchase – Let’s Review The Bottom Line

Okay, we came into this knowing that the bottom line is important, so lets put this to your accountant to see what provides the best option to your business.

When it comes to price alone, Perth copier rental avoids that significant upfront capital outlay.  That’s got to earn a tick from the person balancing the books.  Copier rental provides a manageable amount that can be worked into future budget planning, and you have the freedom of ending your agreement without any hassle.  Tick.

Going beyond the bottom line, let’s look at the value-adding you get from Perth copier rental compared to purchase.  There’s little incentive for a business you’ve purchased from to establish a long-term relationship, or deliver beyond and above once that initial transaction is made.  A Kyocera Perth copier rental agreement means you will be well looked after, as will your copier.  It’s their device, and they don’t want you to have any reason to end your copier rental agreement.

The moment you purchase, your relationship with the dealer is on the decline.  When you take up a Perth copier rental agreement with Kyocera, it’s just the start of an ongoing relationship.  You’re not in the business of copiers, we are, so let the Kyocera Perth copier rental team take care of all your copying needs.

Often, when you are working in a big organization, you have to decide between the purchase of a copiers or printers or leasing of a printer from a leading business equipment provider.

Rather than buying, renting a printer is a better option. If your company needs highly specialized printers and copiers, then you should be thinking of renting out the equipment or getting them on a lease. Leasing offers lesser upfront costs.

Competitive Price

When you are planning of buying or hiring a printer in Perth, verify that the services offered are competitive and fully maintained. We offer competitive prices and terms of leasing along with free delivery and installation (on specific models). The equipment is inspected on regular basis to make sure that no problems arise.

Multifunction Printer Rental Services – How It Is Benefited To Your Organization

Latest Technologies

We have a top-quality range of multifunction printer for rent, lease or hire in Perth with cutting-edge technology. We provide high-quality ink and toner cartridges offering competitive prices for your office copier / printer in Perth.

Payment Terms

You can stop worrying about the printer that you choose to hire. We will take care of the maintenance, repairs, replacements or resupplies of the consumables ( see terms and conditions).

Reliable Services

Being the most trustworthy multifunction printer rental company in Perth, we also provide reliable advice on the technology that meets all your corporate needs. We can also help you giving you expert advices on upgrading your printer, at the end of the rental term, if you wish so.

We provide a world-class portfolio of multifunctional printers and copiers for rent, lease or hire. We have an expert team which plans, installs, configures and assists you in the operation of all the rented equipment.

For more information on renting a printer in Perth, contact Kyocera Printers Perth on: 08 9202 4499

The Multifunction Feature of Kyocera Photocopiers are Great for Business

Kyocera Photocopiers are very easy to integrate in any office setup and will save you money while getting tasks done. You will love these photocopiers because apart from being able to effectively get the job done.

Copiers That Perform To the Optimum

These are machines that will not require too many replacement consumables during their lifespan. This also means that their accumulated costs will be much less compared to other brands of photocopiers. If you want a photocopier that will perform to optimum, Kyocera Printers are again the best because they have been proven to be dependable and can easily handle very heavy workloads.

Kyocera Photocopiers perthSolid and Very Affordable Machines

These photocopiers are very solid and are available at a very affordable price. They are very simple machines with very simple functions and their ease of use makes them quite attractive to many. Kyocera Photocopiers have a comprehensive range of operations that work with TASKalfa which is a technology that works to produce the best of quality functions.

Machines That Are Great on Functionality

With the TASKalfa technology, it is easy to get every function of the machines the first time. Anyone who wants to operate the machines does not have to try figuring out or repeat until they know because of this technology. It is easy to get everything just once and this makes the machines very interactive and user friendly.

Environmentally Friendly Machines

One major benefit of choosing Kyocera Photocopiers over other Kyocera photocopiers is the fact that they are very environmentally friendly. Everybody today is talking about the depletion of the ozone layer and its effect on our world. If you are very concerned about the future of the environment, then these photocopiers will be your machine of choice.

Very Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Because they are very efficient and because of how their consumables are used means that not many refills are used. This is very good for the environment because the machines are eco-friendly. The drum that the machines contain has been designed in a way that they reduce the extent to which consumables are used in these machines and this makes them good for the environment.

These machines are one of the highest selling for a number of reasons. One of the machines that the Kyocera Company manufactures is a Kyocera multi-function machine that has the ability to not only copy but will also fax, scan, and copy documents across a network. This machine also has email functionality and this makes it very good for business people.

Free Delivery for Buyers

There is no denying that these machines are great value for businesses. They have very wonderful cost benefits, great functionality and are a great return on anyone’s investment. When you purchase these machines, it helps to know that you will also enjoy free delivery and free installation through out the Perth Metro area.

Contact us for Kyocera Photocopiers Specials.