Often, when you are working in a big organization, you have to decide between the purchase of a copiers or printers or leasing of a printer from a leading business equipment provider.

Rather than buying, renting a printer is a better option. If your company needs highly specialized printers and copiers, then you should be thinking of renting out the equipment or getting them on a lease. Leasing offers lesser upfront costs.

Competitive Price

When you are planning of buying or hiring a printer in Perth, verify that the services offered are competitive and fully maintained. We offer competitive prices and terms of leasing along with free delivery and installation (on specific models). The equipment is inspected on regular basis to make sure that no problems arise.

Multifunction Printer Rental Services – How It Is Benefited To Your Organization

Latest Technologies

We have a top-quality range of multifunction printer for rent, lease or hire in Perth with cutting-edge technology. We provide high-quality ink and toner cartridges offering competitive prices for your office copier / printer in Perth.

Payment Terms

You can stop worrying about the printer that you choose to hire. We will take care of the maintenance, repairs, replacements or resupplies of the consumables ( see terms and conditions).

Reliable Services

Being the most trustworthy multifunction printer rental company in Perth, we also provide reliable advice on the technology that meets all your corporate needs. We can also help you giving you expert advices on upgrading your printer, at the end of the rental term, if you wish so.

We provide a world-class portfolio of multifunctional printers and copiers for rent, lease or hire. We have an expert team which plans, installs, configures and assists you in the operation of all the rented equipment.

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The Multifunction Feature of Kyocera Photocopiers are Great for Business

Kyocera Photocopiers are very easy to integrate in any office setup and will save you money while getting tasks done. You will love these photocopiers because apart from being able to effectively get the job done.

Copiers That Perform To the Optimum

These are machines that will not require too many replacement consumables during their lifespan. This also means that their accumulated costs will be much less compared to other brands of photocopiers. If you want a photocopier that will perform to optimum, Kyocera Printers are again the best because they have been proven to be dependable and can easily handle very heavy workloads.

Kyocera Photocopiers perthSolid and Very Affordable Machines

These photocopiers are very solid and are available at a very affordable price. They are very simple machines with very simple functions and their ease of use makes them quite attractive to many. Kyocera Photocopiers have a comprehensive range of operations that work with TASKalfa which is a technology that works to produce the best of quality functions.

Machines That Are Great on Functionality

With the TASKalfa technology, it is easy to get every function of the machines the first time. Anyone who wants to operate the machines does not have to try figuring out or repeat until they know because of this technology. It is easy to get everything just once and this makes the machines very interactive and user friendly.

Environmentally Friendly Machines

One major benefit of choosing Kyocera Photocopiers over other Kyocera photocopiers is the fact that they are very environmentally friendly. Everybody today is talking about the depletion of the ozone layer and its effect on our world. If you are very concerned about the future of the environment, then these photocopiers will be your machine of choice.

Very Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Because they are very efficient and because of how their consumables are used means that not many refills are used. This is very good for the environment because the machines are eco-friendly. The drum that the machines contain has been designed in a way that they reduce the extent to which consumables are used in these machines and this makes them good for the environment.

These machines are one of the highest selling for a number of reasons. One of the machines that the Kyocera Company manufactures is a Kyocera multi-function machine that has the ability to not only copy but will also fax, scan, and copy documents across a network. This machine also has email functionality and this makes it very good for business people.

Free Delivery for Buyers

There is no denying that these machines are great value for businesses. They have very wonderful cost benefits, great functionality and are a great return on anyone’s investment. When you purchase these machines, it helps to know that you will also enjoy free delivery and free installation through out the Perth Metro area.

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