Every business wants to give good copy, but what’s better for your business, copier rental or purchase?  An accountant might simply look at price, but value is something that is generally undervalued when simply looking at the numbers.  Here we’re going to look at the added value Perth copier rental can provide for your business.  Don’t worry, we know the bottom line always matters to a business, so we’ll take that into consideration when working out the best option for your business.

Perth Copier Rental – Lets Look At The Bottom Line

Copier Rental In Pert

So what do you get when you purchase a copier.  Well if you do things right, you get a brand new state-of-the-art copier.  That is what your business wants.  That copier also comes at a price… the full price for a copier.  That’s a significant capital outlay.  If you play your cards right, you might get installation and some training thrown in, and after sales service that only lasts as long as the warranty.  Congratulations, you’re the owner of a new copier, and you’ve paid full price for it.

Kyocera Perth copier rental on the other hand provides a very different option.  So what do you get with copier rental?  Well, you get the exact same brand new state-of-the-art copier you’d get if you purchased it.  What don’t you get?  You don’t get a bill for the full purchase price.  All you have to pay is what you’ve agreed to under the rental agreement.  You only have to pay that amount whilst that agreement works for you.  That’s right, there are no lock-in contracts that act like a ball and chain on your business.  Copier rental in Perth affords you the option of walking away whenever you want.  It really is that easy.

Copier Rental – Beyond The Bottom Line

Okay, we’ve looked at the bottom line when it comes to comparing Perth copier rental with purchase, but let’s look at the value you get from each option.

As outlined with purchase, you get the new copier you wanted at the full price, but that’s about all you get.  Because you’ve paid the full price and own the device, you’re going to want to get the absolute most out of that copier.  You’d better love that copier, because it’s going to be with you for many years to come.  Guess what, it’s not always going to look that shiny, and its technology is going to fade into obscurity.

When taking up a Kyocera Perth copier rental option, what do you get?  Well, you get the new copier you wanted, and you get to keep it for only as long as you want to keep it.  That’s right, it’s new now and suits your needs, but it won’t always stay that way.  So what you get is the option to make sure your copier stays new, and always meets your business’ needs no matter how much they change.  Copier rental gives you the ability to upgrade to the latest in copier technology, absolutely hassle-free.  The Kyocera Perth copier rental option comes out on top again.

Copier Rental – Did Someone Say Service?

Let’s compare the service you get with Perth copier rental compared with purchase.

You’ve purchased your full-priced copier, so what after-sales service can you expect?  The company already has your money, and they know you’re not going to be in the market for another copier for many years to come.  Where is the incentive for them to keep you onside?  There is the warranty, so they’ll meet those obligations (there’s no warranty with Perth copier rentals, because you don’t need one.  You don’t own anything, so you don’t need to take on all the obligations that come with ownership).  Once that warranty expires, the company’s obligations to you also end.  That’s when you need to take on responsibility for the device, arrange servicing and repairs, and pay for parts and all the associated costs of keeping it running.  As it ages, you can bet those costs will rise.

Kyocera Perth copier rental, on the other hand, provides a much less costly, obligation free scenario.  With copier rental, you don’t own anything, so maintaining the device doesn’t rest with you.  Maintenance is all part of the agreement.  The Kyocera team is there to keep your copier working at its optimum.  Don’t forget they own the device, so the incentive is there for them to go above and beyond to keep their copier at its best.  They won’t give you any reason to end your copier rental agreement.  The happier you are, the happier they are.

Copier Rental Comes With Specialised Knowledge

When you purchase a copier, you’re buying it from a business that’s in the business of selling copiers.  Sure, they might have a service team to help you for the short term, but it’s not their core business.  Chances are that the service team is just adequate enough to cater for the minimum of demands, and we all know what happens when a warranty expires.

The Kyocera Perth copier rental team, on the other hand, covers all bases.  Our core business is not only providing copiers, but servicing them.  This means our team is always up to speed with the latest techniques and knowledge to keep your copier firing on all cylinders.  Don’t forget, our Perth copier rental team members are the experts in Kyocera printers.  They know your printer like the back of their hand.  Their training keeps them at the cutting edge, and they have the parts to keep your Kyocera copying.  There’s no middlemen or outsourcing of servicing.  You’re guaranteed specialised and streamlined service with Kyocera, your one stop shop for copier rental in Perth.

Perth Copier Rental vs Copier Purchase – Let’s Review The Bottom Line

Okay, we came into this knowing that the bottom line is important, so lets put this to your accountant to see what provides the best option to your business.

When it comes to price alone, Perth copier rental avoids that significant upfront capital outlay.  That’s got to earn a tick from the person balancing the books.  Copier rental provides a manageable amount that can be worked into future budget planning, and you have the freedom of ending your agreement without any hassle.  Tick.

Going beyond the bottom line, let’s look at the value-adding you get from Perth copier rental compared to purchase.  There’s little incentive for a business you’ve purchased from to establish a long-term relationship, or deliver beyond and above once that initial transaction is made.  A Kyocera Perth copier rental agreement means you will be well looked after, as will your copier.  It’s their device, and they don’t want you to have any reason to end your copier rental agreement.

The moment you purchase, your relationship with the dealer is on the decline.  When you take up a Perth copier rental agreement with Kyocera, it’s just the start of an ongoing relationship.  You’re not in the business of copiers, we are, so let the Kyocera Perth copier rental team take care of all your copying needs.