CDM-frontGood quality, easy-to-use office devices are essential pieces of equipment for all businesses, so CDM sources the best devices from top international supplier, Kyocera Perth, to meet all your printing, copying, scanning, and faxing requirements.

Kyocera Printers

Kyocera offers ideal printing solutions for individual needs, work groups, and larger organisational departments. You can find out more about the Kyocera range of printers and what they have to offer here.

Kyocera Multi-fuction Devices

Kyocera has an advanced range of black & white and colour MFDs that incorporate copier, printer, scanner, and facsimile technology using the same network connectivity. Kyocera’s MFD range provides the lowest copy cost which adds up to real savings.

Kyocera technology is equipped to handle a range of file systems and formatting options, including scanning to email, folders, files, TIFF and PDF.

Many models feature network connectivity functions for easy linking of equipment, monitoring of toner usage and paper supply and other administrator options.

Using advanced Kyocera ceramic technology, CDM can deliver a system with our total cost of ownership (TCO) and long life components, which mean that even high volume print jobs can be completed with a minimum spend and maintenance.

Kyocera Photocopiers

CDM offers a range of Kyocera photocopiers from compact, basic models to multifunctional and larger models suitable for bigger corporations dealing with a higher usage. Find out more about Kyocera Photocopiers and what they have to offer here.


Kyocera’s Laser Fax Systems are engineered using the latest Super G3 technology. Find out more about Kyocera Fax functionality here.