“A number of our photocopiers are supplied by CDM Australia and when they were due for replacement I spent some time comparing CDM to alternative suppliers and found that CDM were by far the better company to deal with.

When I went through the process of purchasing the equipment needed, I found that all of the information supplied by Elio Della Madalenna was very detailed and also relevant….. The machines were delivered on time and installed without disruption.

In addition, the service that is regularly provided to our equipment is carried out in a prompt, professional and pleasant way. We are particularly happy with our service mechanic Mike Rowland who is always friendly, efficient and informative.

The amiable and professional manner in which the service is provided is particularly refreshing in the current climate of automated responses.

We would highly recommend CDM Australia to anyone who is in the market for an equipment that is provided by the company.”

Bev Westcoast

Business Manager

12 November 2013

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